Aiming to reach money goals should be hastened wherever possible as procrastination can lead the goals into the other direction. Credit card interest avoidance and saving early on are key togaining more compound interest as a fruitful bonus.

With respect to hastening the accrual of savings it’s important to budget. However, do not deny yourself wholly of ‘fun time money’ as this can lead to spending binges. The sooner the savings account starts to grow the better as the interest starts to accrue.

With embellished luxuries, or things you really can do without like the latest issue of Readers Digest Magazine or a Starbucks, it’s important to be strict from the start as the little amounts can add up quickly. Finding the perfect strategy to save money and to not sweat the small things will take a little time.

Top help with the urge to buying the little things, leave most of your money at home. This way if you insist on purchasing the item you must go all the way home first and this will give you a little more time to think, do I really want or need this.

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