1. Making money on Ebay is the latest craze.
Look into your closets and cupboards. Ask yourself this question “Do I really need all of this stuff? “. If you don’t need it, then set up an account on eBay, and try to sell it all. This is areally good way to make some extra cash to not only pay bills, but to also put into your savings account.

2. Paying for your trip early benefits in more than just one way.
Most airlines sell just a few seats at cheap prices. Try and book your flight as soon as possible to avoid big prices. Once they sell out of their cheap seats, they generally tend to raise the prices onall the seats that are left.

3. Paying more than just your monthly insurance bill will save in the long run.
Since most insurance companies charge a fee for letting you pay in monthly instalments, try paying your bill yearly. This could potentially save you hundreds in the years to come.

4. Don’t go crazy buying lottery tickets, maybe just a couple.
The odds of winning the lottery are almost impossible. Instead of buying 10 or 20 tickets a week, try only buying 1 ticket a week. You will probably have better luck trying to win this way since it actually only takes one ticket to win anyway.

5. Avoid AA or RAC insurance if you never use it, why pay for it?
AA and RAC is just another type of insurance that you have to pay for if you breakdown andneed to be towed home. Instead of paying for this insurance, try just putting the money into a savings, and just pay cash for the tow truck. There are many cheaper alternatives than paying for this unnecessary insurance.

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